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Small Dollar Loan Toolkit: A Guide to Creating a Profitable and Consumer Friendly Product

April 1, 2013

This toolkit serves as a resource for banks and credit unions interested in offering a safe, profitable, small dollar loan product. The information provided was informed by analyzing the structure of existing loan products, reviewing existing programs and research, and conducting focus groups with small dollar loan borrowers. It provides a coherent summary of the Small Dollar Loan (SDL) environment and the resources necessary to create a safe small dollar loan. An alternative to payday loans, SDLs are a means for customers to obtain necessary credit to pay bills and bridge financial gaps between paychecks. In this toolkit we will define Payday and Small Dollar Loans, outline the advantages of SDLs for customers and financial institutions alike, and review important aspects to consider for credit unions and community banks interested in providing SDLs to new and current customers. The toolkit also provides an online, interactive, profitability calculator to help financial institutions create a consumer friendly, profitable, loan.

Asset Building & Financial Security

Poverty Elimination Strategies that Work: A Human Rights Toolkit for Addressing Poverty in Your Community

January 1, 2010

This report highlights numerous local solutions that are currently being implemented in communities around the state and the country. This report is meant to be a resource to assist neighborhood groups, faith communities, service providers, policymakers, and others, in creating solutions to fundamentally address poverty. The report provides over 50 poverty elimination strategies that work along with hyperlinks to sources which contain information about highlighted solutions and additional resources that may be useful in developing and implementing poverty elimination strategies locally.

Asset Building & Financial Security; Education; Employment; Healthcare; Housing & Homelessness; Human Rights & Justice; Hunger & Nutrition; Poverty; Safety Net & Human Services

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